Automotive Horn Switch

Additional Applications

Flexpoint holds two patents with respect to the horn switch application of its Bend Sensor technology. Current airbag configurations have limited the design flexibility of horn switches, which are generally placed on the sides of the center steering column to avoid interference with the driver's side airbag.

The Flexpoint sensor is a thin sheet of screen-printed plastic that can be laminated between the airbag assembly and a flexible cover on the steering wheel. The device can be placed over the airbag assembly on the steering wheel in place of the traditional switch that has been placed on the side of the airbag assembly, thus eliminating the frustration and design waste associated with the need for button switches.

There are many additional applications for Bend Sensor technology in new and existing automotive systems. For example, automotive transmission equipment, function controls, accelerator, and braking controls, fuel control, level detection, and crash sensors could all be areas where the Bend Sensor would effectively improve existing technology.

Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc.